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Welcome to Clark Lumber Company!

Clark Lumber Company is a producer of world-famous hardwood lumber from Macon County, Tennessee.  Macon County hardwood lumber is known around the world for its high quality and beauty.  We manufacture over 175,000 board feet of lumber per day from our two mills in Red Boiling Springs and Lafayette. 

Lumber is available green, air-dried, steamed or kiln-dried.  We maintain inventory of 1,500,000 BDF kiln-dried and an additional 2,000,000 feet of air-dried lumber.

Managing our God given renewable natural resources.

Clark Lumber Company has the capacity to ship our lumber nationwide or internationally.  Much of the lumber is transported by truck to the furniture-manufacturing areas of North Carolina and other states.  We also ship large volumes of lumber overseas in shipping containers.  Our two mills are only an hour away from a major CSX rail yard in Nashville.  From Nashville, trains move the containers to east- and west-coast ports where ships transport them to ports around the world.

Clark Lumber Company mills produced 175,000 board feet of lumber per day at our mills located in Red Boiling Springs and Lafayette, Tennessee.  State-of-the-art saws, material handling equipment and drying kilns are used to produce lumber to meet each customer's exacting requirements.

At Clark Lumber Company, we are committed to protecting and preserving our state's forest resources.  Through proper timber management practices, the State of Tennessee, Division of Forestry confirms:

  • The quality of hardwood being grown in Tennessee is being maintained at a constant level or is actually increasing.
  • The quantity of hardwood being grown in Tennessee is actually exceeding harvesting, sometimes by a factor of two!

Clark Lumber Company will do our part to help protect our God-given, renewable natural resource: Tennessee Hardwood Timber.  The entire timber-products industry in Tennessee is committed to the same goal: to insuring that high-quality, beautiful Tennessee hardwood will always be available.

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