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Inventory - Buying Timber

The wood-products industry in Tennessee employs 116,000 people and is responsible for over $17 billion in sales each year.  Clark Lumber Company is proud of the part we play in that industry.

Clark Lumber Company is located in Macon County, Tennessee, which is known for some of the finest-quality and most beautiful hardwood in the world.  Macon County hardwood lumber is sought out by manufacturers in dozens of countries, and you will find Clark lumber in some of the finest furniture, hardwood flooring and cabinets made.

If desired, customers may request that their walnut be steamed by Clark Lumber Company.  By steaming the lumber, the color of the heartwood is blended into the sapwood.

Buying Lumber:

Clark Lumber Company is always in the market for logs, standing timber and timber tracts from Macon County and surrounding counties.

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Hugh Wayne Clark or Brandon Clark at (615) 699-3497.

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